LEADERS Calming Clear Bubble Cleansing Pad (1 PC)

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LEADERS Calming Clear Bubble Cleansing Pad A mild facial cleansing pad having a 5-layer natural micellar solution for deep cleansing and providing soothing effect with Centella-Calming Complex · Contains AHA-BHA-PHA Complex for skin impurities and dead skin cells · Mild cleansing soothes skin while providing deep cleansing · pH weak acidic base that maintains the moisture on skin How to Use: *The glove type double-sided pad consists of blue color side made of mico-fiber mesh pad and of white side made of embossed pure cotton 1. White side: gently rub the dry face in circular motion 2. Blue side: when abundant foam is accumulated, gently rub the blue side on areas with dead skin cells and sebum once more 3. Wash off with lukewarm water

EXP. DATE: 2021.10.14

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