BTS is now spreading the KPOP sensation in America and has made history by being the first group to perform in the 2017 American Music Awards. On November 19, 2017, BTS showed their powerful vocals and synchronized dance routine that made the audience sing and dance along – fans and American artists alike.  
        Also, they have scheduled guesting on known TV shows such as Jimmy Kimmel, SiriusXM Show and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. 
        They also ranked #1 on Google Trends in U.S after their performance on the said award show with over 1 million searches. 
        Army’s, continue to support BTS as they dominate America with their charm and music! 

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Check out their performance below: 

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We also searched some of the best and funny video reactions to BTS’ performance on AMA! Check out the videos below!

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It’s the time of the year to support your idols and fandoms! 

The Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) is one of the major music awards held annually and broadcasted in the Mnet channel. 

Unlike in the past years, MAMA 2017 will be held at 3 different countries in 4 days. 

November 25 - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
November 29 - Yokohama, Japan
November 30 - Hong Kong, China
December 1 - Hong Kong, China

Confirmed lineup are Seventeen and Wanna One in Vietnam followed by EXO-CBX, Twice, Wanna One and Seventeen in Japan. Lastly, BTS, EXO, Red Velvet and Wanna One in Hong Kong. 

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Vote Rankings (as of November 6, 5:02PM) :
Major Awards

Song of the Year: 
1. EXO – Kokobop 37.5%
2. BTS – DNA 35.2%
3. Winner – Really Really 4.0%
4. Red Velvet – Red Flavor 3.4%
5. Seventeen – Don’t Wanna Cry 2.7%

Artist of the Year:
1. EXO – 38.3%
2. BTS – 34.9%
3. Wanna One – 6.1%
4. G Dragon – 4.8%
5. Got7 – 3.6%

Artists such as Wanna one, Chung Ha, Black Pink, G-dragon, Taeyeon, Taemin, Red Velvet, Zion T., IU, Winner, Day6, Zico, Soyou & Baekhyun, and Chanyeol & Punch are leading in other categories. 

Don’t forget to vote for your faves and check rankings everyday!


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    Frequent questions from Kpop fans buying albums are “Are your albums from Korea?” “Is it counted in Korean charts?”

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Real Time Chart: (as of October 21, 2017)

1. Taemin – Move

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        Seventeen is a group formed by Pledis Entertainment with 13 members, 3 sub-units (Vocal, Performance and Hiphop) and 1 group which explain the group name “Seventeen.”

Debuted in 2015 with their catchy single, “Adore U,” group members have been involved in producing, composing, and choreography, earning the title “Self-producing Idol.”

Catch the thirteen boys in their Manila stop of the Diamond Edge World Tour on October 6, 2017, 8:00pm at the Mall of Asia Arena.  


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        Bigbang member and solo artist Taeyang will be having his solo concert here in the Philippines on the 22nd of September 2017 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. 

        Known for his sweet soulful voice and smooth dance routine, Korea’s Prince of R&B will be back in Manila for his solo concert and will be serenading his Filipino fans so don’t miss out on this event!

        Taeyang has released two studio albums as a solo artist under YG Entertainment, “Solar” in 2010, “Rise” in 2014, and recently he released “White Night” before embarking on his 2017 solo tour.

        The 2017 White Night Concert will be touring all around Asia and North America.


Venue: Smart Araneta Coliseum, Quezon City, Philippines

Date: September 22, 2017

Presented by IME Philippines and YG Entertainment

TICKET PRICES (with ticketing service charge via Ticketnet)

VIP - P12,600 (standing/seated)

CAT 1 - P9,975 (seated)

CAT 2 - P7,875 (seated)

CAT 3 - P5,775 (seated)

General Admission - P3,150 (seated)

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BTS' Love Yourself "Her" Mini Album Reaches Over 1 Million Pre-order Copies!

by Shimi Chims

September 9, 2017

'Love Yourself' teaser photos courtesy of BigHit Entertainment

    Loen Entertainment started pre-order period from August 25to 31 and recorded a total of 1,051,546 stock pre-orders. 

    The given numbers were from Korean wholesalers and resellersonly and are expected to increase if international pre-orders will be included.

    This is a first for BTS to have a million pre-order comparedfrom their last repackage album, “You Never Walk Alone,” which sold 700,000copies for pre-order surpassing it by 350,00 copies more.

    Love Yourself ‘HER’ is the first of their new “LoveYourself” series, introduced with highlight reels. The mini album will bereleased on September 18, and has got all ARMY’s excited as BigHit started thecountdown on their website last September 5.

Source:  Osen Korea  , Soompi


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Korean Cultural Center presents Korean Film Festival 2017!

by Shimi Chims
September 2, 2017 

    Hallyu is undeniably taking over thehearts of Filipinos not only with handsome and popular oppa’s we watch day and night but the popularity of KPOP that hasbeen going around for years has helped in bridging Korea’s culture to thePhilippines. The Korean Cultural Center has been advocating Korean films withtheir event screenings and as it grew larger, it has been possible to hold theFilm Festival yearly.

    TheKorean Film Festival is an annual project of the Korean Cultural Center withthis year’s theme of “Boldness of Youth,” the movies relate to the youngaudiences as they face challenges and obstacles through the course of theirlives. Older audiences can also enjoy these films as they can look back totheir younger days and understand the youth of today much better.

    Thefestival will open on September 7 with five movies to be screened in six citiesstarting in Manila and will set off to Pampanga, Laguna, Cebu, Davao andIloilo. The festival will be running until October 15 with its last stop inCavite.


1.     Twenty (스물)

Chi-ho (KimWoo-bin), Kyung-jae (Kang Ha-neul) and Dong-woo (Lee Junho) are best friendswho've just graduated from high school and turned 20. Chi-ho is an unemployed playboywho prioritizes dating and chasing women. Kyung-jae is a goody-two-shoesuniversity student whose goal is to get accepted at a corporate job.Happy-go-lucky Dong-woo dreams of becoming a cartoonist but when his familygoes bankrupt he is forced to become thebreadwinner of the family and take on several part-time jobs. Twenty is a storyof three friends in their 20s and must decide what to do with their life.

2.     The King of Jokgu (족구왕)

Hong Man-Subis known to be the “King of Jokgu” (a Korean sport that shares elements of bothfootball and volleyball) and is infamous for his unstoppable foot spike. On hisreturn to university after military service, he discovers that the Jokgu courthas been removed due to complaints from the Student Council. Man-Sub, alongwith his team of unlikely friends, decides to file a petition to the schoolPresident in order to get the court back.

3.     Very Ordinary Couple

Lee Dong-hee(Lee Min-ki) and Jang Young (Kim Min-hee) work at the same bank. They are on anon-and-off relationship for three years before breaking up. Still workingtogether in the same bank puts great pressure on the two, made worse by ascandalous confrontation between the former lovers during a company party.Though they end up screaming at each other, it’s vivid clear that they stillhave feelings for each other and decide togive their relationship another chance.

4.     My Brilliant Life

Dae-soo(Kang Dong-won) and Mi-ra (Song Hye-kyo) are parents of Ah-reum, a child whowas diagnosed with the extremely rare genetic disorder, Progeria, which makeshim age prematurely and rapidly. Several years later, Ah-reum grows up as a16-year-old boy but with a body condition of an eighty-year-old man. Sensingthat he doesn't have much time left, Ah-reum decides to write a story about howhis young parents fell in love and how he came tobe, hoping to give as a present to them on his seventeenth birthday.

5.     How to Steal a Dog

Ten-year-oldJi-so lives in pizza truck with her family. Her father suddenly disappearedafter their pizza business went bankrupt. When she sees a missing dog posterwith a $500 reward, Ji-so simply believes that the amount of money would beenough to buy her family a house. She hatches a plan with her friend Chae-rangto find a dog with a rich owner, steal it and return the dog by pretending tohave found it to get a reward. Their target isWolly, the dog of an old rich lady who owns the restaurant where Ji-so's momworks.


Mark yourcalendars because the 2017 Korean Film Festival is back and will be coming totheaters near you!

Admission is FREE! And all films are with Englishsubtitles!

For schedule details please refer toposter.

For ticketing details, visit KCC’sFacebook page.

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