CJ HAECHANDLE Traditional Doenjang Korean Paste 500g

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Doenjang a flexible korean traditional paste which is often used to enrich the flavour of soups (Doenjang Jjigae), season vegetables and meat, spice up rice, or mix with other Korean pastes.

Enjoy your favorite korean food samgyupsal using the best paste in Korea CJ Haechandle Doenjang. Just mixed gochujang (hot pepper paste) and doenjang (soybean paste) and you can make the perfect Korean Style dipping sauce (ssamjang) perfect for grilled Pork belly. Or you can make a hearty warm Korean traditional Soup Doenjang jjigae. 

There are more ways to enjoy Doenjang, discover yours now and discover the taste of South Korea. 


Brand: CJ Haechandle

Item Name: CJ Haechandle Traditional Doenjang

Weight: 500G


Soybean paste {soybean (foreign), wheat flour (wheat: American, Australian), refined salt, wheat, Korean meju powder}, old soybean paste made directly by Haechandeul {soybean(foreign), refined salt(domestic)}, Haechandeul bean fermented soybean paste {soybean (exotic), refined salt (domestic), soy flour, end}, alcohol, purified water, vegetable concentrates a, defatted soy flour, refined salt, flavor enhancers

Allergy  Information:

Contains soybeans and wheat


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