CJ HAECHANDLE Cho Gochujang Korean Paste 170g

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Sweet, sour and spicy yum perfect taste combination.Cho Gochujang a perfect dipping sauce for you. Love and trusted by many Koreans the CJ Haechandle Brand.


Brand: CJ Haechandle

Item Name: CJ Haechandle Cho Gochujang

Weight: 170G


Gochujang 83.4% {high fructose, wheat flour (wheat: from the US, from Australia), red pepper seasoning (from China), refined salt, wheat rice}, white sugar, brewed vinegar 4.6% {alcohol, malt extract (from the U.S.), fermented nutrients (from Germany) )}, Oligosaccharide, Citric Acid, Lemon Concentrate Juice (Lemon Concentrate:

Made in the USA), Stir-fried Sesame *Please understand that products can be mixed and shipped before the country of origin is changed depending on the time of production and distribution.

Allergy  Information:

Contains wheat

How to Use:

1. Dipping sauce for sashimi or any meat and vegetables.


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