CJ CUPBAHN Beef Seaweed Soup 167g

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No time to cook? 

CJ Cupban will help you fill your hunger with good and healthy food.

CJ Cupban Seaweed Soup a taste of clean and savory beef seaweed soup with rice.

Enjoy it even in an empty stomach after drinking.

Also even in the morning on a busy birthday celebrate it Korean style with CJ Cupban Seaweed Soup.



Item Name: CJ CUPBAHN Beef Seaweed Soup

Weight: 167g


Cooked Rice(Brown Rice, Rice Bran Extract, Water), Seaweed Soup Sauce(Beef Extract, Soybean Sauce, Beef Leg Bone Extract, Beef Seasoning, MSG, Sesame Oil, Garlic Concentrate, Salt, Corn Syrup, Modified Food Starch, Beef Flavor, Disodium 5'-Ribonucleotide, Water), Seaweed Solid(Dried Cut Seaweed, Beef Fat, Sesame Oil)l.

Serving Instruction:

• Microwave: Open the rice, sauce and all dried ingredients and put them in the cup. Pour water up to the line (230ml). Put in the microwave for 4mins (700w) and stir well. Ater that enjoy your Cupbahn Beef Seaweed Soup. 

• Cooking in the Pot: Boil 300ml of water. Once the water boils put the rice, sauce and all dried ingredients and cook it for 1min and 30secs. After that stir and eat your delicious Cupbahn Beef Seaweed Soup.

EXP. DATE: 2021.10.17


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