CJ BEKSUL Hotteok Mix (Korean Sweet Pancake Mix) 400g

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CJ Hotteok Mix is made by the Best Flour Brand in Korea CJ Beksul.

Hotteok is a Korean street food pancake which is made of chewy dough filled with gooey brown sugar, cinnamon and nuts. 

CJ Hotteok Mix is made from glutinious rice flour that made the pancake chewier. Its filling is made of brown sugar, cinnamon and nuts that becomes satisfyingly gooey whenever it cooks inside the pancake. You can enjoy Sweet Korean Pancake in the comfort of your home using this mix. It’s convenient, unique and delicious snacks that you will surely love and enjoy. So try it now!



Item Name: CJ BEKSUL Hotteok Mix (Korean Sweet Pancake Mix)

Weight: 400g


Korean Pancake Mix(Wheat Flour, Modified Food Starch(INS 1442), Glutinious Rice Flour, Soybean Oil, Puffed Rice Flour, Sugar, Skim Milk Powder, Salt, Baking Powder, Glucose, Dried Yeast), Jam Mix(Brown Sugar, Crushed Peanut, Glucose, Wheat Flour, Cassia Powder, Molasses Powder, Cacao Pigment), Instant Yeast

Allergy information: 

Contains egg, milk, peanut, mackerel, crustacean, walnut, mollusc, clam, 

Serving Instruction:

 • Pour 180ml of warm water(40~45℃), yeast and Hotteok Mix powder into a 

   round bowl and mix them for 5~10 minutes.

 • Cover your hands with cooking oil and spread proper size of dough, put jam 

   mix into the dough and wrap it nice and gently.

 • Put cooking oil into the pre-heated pan, and bake the dough with low heat.

 • Use a spatula when the bottom of doughs are brown to turn and press gently.

 • After 1~2 minutes, you can enjoy Korean Hotteok

EXP. DATE: 02-21-2024


*Official Distributor of CJ Foods

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