• TREASURE - REBOOT (Digipack Version) 2nd Album

TREASURE - REBOOT (Digipack Version) 2nd Album

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TREASURE - REBOOT (Digipack Version) 2nd Album

Release date in South Korea: July 31, 2023

Estimated Time of Arrival: 3-4 weeks after the release date in Korea


- Sleeve
- CD (per member) (random 1 of 10)
- Booklet (per member) (random 1 of 10) (20p)
- Selfie Photocards (Random 2 of 20)
- Rare Selfie Photocard (Random 1 of 10)
- QR Lyrics Card (1ea)
- Folded Poster (per member)(Random 1 of 10)

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